Why You Should Never Welcome People to your Site!

Your home page is your first and possibly your only opportunity to make the right impression on your prospects.

You absolutely have to distinguish yourself from the crowd and you won’t do that with banalities. Most home pages say “welcome to blah blah blah” so don’t say it!

It is also advisable to avoid saying anything that amounts to “we are a jolly nice bunch of people that offer a great service”. This type of statement is too obvious and too boring. In any case, let’s face it, nobody cares!

Content With Bite

Visitors to your site are looking for a great solution to a problem or to a particular need. A solution that justifies the required expenditure. Your home page could be the best chance you have to explain your unique proposition.

With the right words properly presented you can grab people’s attention and then hold it. You can underline the benefits of what you offer and clarify why it is the perfect solution. Then you can go for the jugular by establishing your authority in your field and removing your prospects’ concerns about the value of their investment. Completed by an irresistible call to action, your home page copy will really work hard for you.

I can write exceptional copy for your home page with the impact that you need to get the results that you deserve.