I can write the pages, articles, guides and product descriptions that will get you noticed and enhance your sales.  Content that is right for your business and which inspires confidence in what you do. I can create engaging and informative copy that that will distinguish your website and raise the profile of your brand.

First I Need Your Attention!

Your website is a valuable shop window for your products and services. You may have spent a great deal of time and money ensuring that you benefit from a beautifully designed site but that simply isn’t enough. Not if you wish to get noticed.  Not if you want to drive potential customers to your site, to hold their attention and to convert their visits into sales.

The route to success is undoubtedly exceptional content.

“Not all pages are born equal, some are more important”

That is what Sergey Brin of Google says and we should all be listening. Offering the finest service in the known universe and selling the next big thing are no good to you if few people have discovered that you are there. It is vital that your site ranks highly in Google but equally crucial that your content engages potential customers when they have found you.

Google demands quality content that is original, informative and constantly evolving, not key word stuffed banalities. Happily, the content that Google favours is also precisely the kind of copy that will inspire the people who read it.

Your Customers Are the Stars of Your Story

Writing web content is a very singular art and quite unlike producing letters and brochures. People read differently online. They are like house buyers who make up their minds about you in the first few seconds. Fail to grab their attention quickly and you will lose them, possibly for good.

In piquing their interest you have won a significant battle but you still have to win the war by keeping your visitors hooked and then encouraging them to buy. Your content should leave the reader believing it was written specifically for them and that their problem is now solved.  The right words build relationships and develop the trust that underpins sales.

I can create content tailored to your business that ticks all of the right boxes.

  • Copy that seamlessly incorporates key words, key phrases and synonyms
  • Original and informative content targeted at your audience
  • Pages and articles that are easy to read
  • Copy that creates interest, removes objections and inspires confidence
  • Content with a call to action

In order to write the content that hits the spot I need to know all about your business. I will ask why you are different, who your potential customers are and what your competitors are doing?

If you can answer those questions then I can do the rest.