Would you ever buy something without knowing what it is?

Of course not! You shouldn’t expect your customers to either. However, most e-commerce sites seem to presume that their visitors have psychic powers and fail to provide informative or persuasive product descriptions. Don’t let your site be one of them.

The Virtual Shopping Experience

In the real world your customers can pick up and examine the products that interest them. They can feel them, smell them and gain a sense of scale. If they don’t understand what the products do, they can seek assistance from the sales staff. If the shop concerned is well laid out then the displays will skilfully illustrate how the products can be used and how they will benefit the consumer. Successful retailers don’t leave much to the customer’s imagination but rather presume that they don’t have one!

On the other hand, consumers who are shopping online have only an image and the product description on which to base their purchasing decision. Even the best images can fail to convey all of the attributes of the product, any sense of scale or the various ways in which it can be used.  It is the product description which must do the rest of the work.

Selling the Benefits

A great product description should explain the attributes of the product including the colour, texture, materials, features, functions, fragrance, taste and dimensions. More importantly it must highlight the benefits of the product to the consumer. In other words it should explain how the product’s attributes will solve their problem, improve their lifestyle, enhance their home or lend style to their look. The description should answer all of the consumer’s questions. They should be left in no doubt that they are looking at the perfect solution.

Great for SEO

Comprehensive descriptions will tempt people to buy but they will also prove to be effective SEO tools. In describing the products, the copy will naturally feature a great range of keywords and key phrases. For SEO purposes every product description should be unique. Simply copying content from other websites is a mistake as is using an identical description for all product variants. If you have a wide range of products then you have your work cut out.

The Trouble with Time

Writing descriptions is a time consuming task and so it isn’t surprising that so much vital copy never gets written. However, it is imperative that this task is prioritised. If you don’t have the time available to write the descriptions that your products deserve then I can help.

I have written thousands of descriptions for a wide variety products. Online retailers invariably report that these descriptions have improved their conversion rates dramatically. Sometimes ten fold and more. Your investment in copywriting services will almost certainly prove to be a wise one.