Would you like to establish your authority, promote sales and improve your SEO ?

If so then one way to do it is to feature informational pages and guides on your site. These can be added regularly to create an effective source of information for your audience and to ensure that your site features the changing and informative copy that Google loves.

Establish Your Authority

Your informative guides will demonstrate your expert knowledge of your field and this will establish your credibility with your readers. Potential customers will be more likely to trust you and your products and therefore more likely to buy.

Promote Sales

You know your products and services and what they can do for your customers. You should never presume that your customer’s share this understanding or that they have the insight to visualise how your offering will enhance their lives. Static pages with informative content can be used to illustrate the benefits of those products and services. Your content can help your audience to understand how your products relate to their lives. By discussing themes, ideas, styles or issues you will present your audience with new possibilities and spark their imaginations.

If you are selling skiing equipment you could feature a guide to ski helmets. By explaining the different styles and the safety features you will help your customers to see that they do need a helmet and then which style best suits their needs. If you sell dresses then include a guide that explains how women can flatter their shape with the various styles that you offer. Then add a second guide which demonstrates how to add interest to each look with accessories. If you are a furniture retailer you will enhance your sales by demonstrating how your pieces can save space, provide valuable storage or perfectly suit a particular theme.

There is no such thing as too much information! Your guides can remove objections, suggest solutions to problems and inspire action. They will also keep your audience coming back for more.

Valuable for SEO

Informational pages are extremely persuasive but they are also valuable for SEO purposes. Google loves changing content and informative, original copy so you can certainly tick those boxes. Content related to your products and services will naturally include keywords and key phrases so there’s another big tick. You can also take things up another notch by featuring links to your pages and products, external links to authority sites, videos from YouTube and appealing images. Exceptional content will often be shared, raising your site’s profile still further.

If you would like to boost your site with some interesting, informative and SEO friendly content then I can help. I can produce exceptional copy on any subject. Content that will engage your audience, drive sales and enhance your site’s rankings.