Blow Your Own Trumpet 

The About Us page is one of the most frequently visited on any website.  Strange, then, that this page is so often neglected, if it exists at all.

I spend a great deal of time searching for and reading About Us pages. Not because I am incurably nosy or terminally dull, although I probably am, but because it is a crucial element of my research. I read the pages because I write web content and articles which require knowledge of or insight into the brands that I am charged with writing about. Believe it or not, I don’t have psychic powers and nor do the other people who visit the sites.

I always hope to be inspired and to discover a fascinating history.  To uncover a heart warming or noteworthy story that will enable me to write the content that is a powerful call to action. I want to know what it is that sets the brand or business apart. I need to be convinced so that I can convince others.

Sadly, I am lucky if I discover anything more than a tiresome and hastily written paragraph. Either that or some unbelievably boring waffle. Certainly nothing that would force me to make a purchase before I tell the world about whatever it is and create a feeding frenzy. I am usually left wondering what on earth I am going to say.  There are so many truly terrible About Us pages.

Don’t let yours be one of them!

Build Trust

Your home page is about framing a unique proposition that solves the customer’s problem or need.  They may well be excited by that proposition but keen to learn about the people, the story and the motivation behind your organisation.  In other words they need to be convinced that they  are in the right place and can trust you. Your About Us page is your golden opportunity to put a human face on the business and, oddly enough, to sound enthusiastic about what you do. It is your chance to show your unique character and personality.

The Fanfare

There are many reasons why your About Us page might be somewhat less than a triumph. If you are very busy then it could have been put on the back burner or written in a rush. It could be because you feel uncomfortable about blowing your own trumpet.  If that is how you feel then get someone else to blow it for you. Preferably me!