You have an excellent range of products but they are not selling like hot cakes. You have not been able to retire rich. What’s gone wrong?

Optimise Your Site and Improve Conversions

If your sales figures have failed to meet your expectations then your website isn’t working effectively for you. Either too few people are finding your pages or you are not convincing enough of them to buy when they do. Either way, original and compelling copy on your category level pages will help to improve your fortunes.

Category level copy is often an afterthought or even overlooked completely, but it shouldn’t be. It is a fabulous opportunity to persuade your audience to buy and you should grab it with both hands!  It is also essential for SEO. Each and every category on your site must feature unique, interesting and informative copy. If you have a lot of categories then you have your work cut out. Alternatively you could engage an expert copywriter to help you!

Honest and Persuasive Content

Category level copy should grab the attention of your audience. It must help them to make a choice by explaining the attributes of your brands and products and most importantly their benefits. The content can highlight what makes your products special and how your customers can use them. The right copy can show how your products enhance your customers’ lifestyles or personal styles.  It can also establish your authority in your field.  Finally, category level copy can be used to answer common questions and to underline what problems your products can solve.

Problem Solved

I would relish the chance to help solve your problems by writing exceptional category level content for your site. Through an understanding of your products and your target audience I can create engaging copy that is SEO friendly and which tempts your audience to buy. Your potential customers have a choice. Make sure they choose to purchase from you!