Many products sold online are easily understood. They require little explanation beyond a good product description.  There is rarely any mystery about a biscuit tin or a teddy bear but things can get more complicated with equipment, technology or even art.

Never Gloss Over the Facts

It is hard to write a description for certain products and services without including jargon and technical terms. These can leave some potential customers feeling confused and unsure as to whether they want or need the item concerned or if it is the solution to their particular problem.

How do consumers know which ski jacket best suits their needs if they don’t understand all of the technical specifications? How can anyone settle on the right sports watch if they don’t know their chronographs from their complications?

Adding a glossary to your website will enable you to explain the technical language or industry specific terms that you use.  A glossary will help to establish you as an authority in your field making it more likely that visitors to your site will trust you.  Enlightened customers are far more likely to feel confident enough to make a purchase. A glossary is also a fabulous opportunity to feature keywords and key phrases in your content to enhance your rankings.

A Valuable Lesson

A glossary is a valuable addition to any website but you can never offer too much information. Featuring instructions on your site can also go a long way to helping your customers purchase in confidence. That amazing tent for backpackers that you sell might be a technical marvel but how quickly can it be set up? How do you fit the latest innovation in infant car seats into a Ford Focus? How do your customers use the large box of components they have had delivered to build a stylish wardrobe?

Your customers will be dreading that sinking feeling when they can’t unravel the mystifying instructions that are provided with so many products. How much more likely will they be to make a purchase if you have already shown them what they need to do?

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to create a glossary or instructions for inclusion on your site then I can help.  Contact me today with an outline of what you need. Together we can ensure that your website removes all obstacles to your customers investing in your products and services.