It never ceases to amaze me just how many e-commerce sites have terrible product descriptions.

Consumers are hardly likely to make a purchase unless all of their questions are answered and they feel inspired by the product. Good product descriptions are also vital for SEO.

Feeling such frustration over what I see, I am always delighted when I am offered the chance to write any product descriptions. I have written 1000’s of descriptions for products ranging from pushchairs to perfume. One of my most memorable projects was writing a set of descriptions for Romsey World of Water.

A World Apart

Romsey World of Water is an aquatic centre in Hampshire. I have had the privilege of visiting Romsey World of Water on several occasions and it is a fascinating place. Beautiful pond exhibits are partnered by a huge range of aquariums, accessories and livestock and the centre enjoys a stunning waterside location. I was so impressed by this place that I couldn’t wait to start writing. I eventually wrote over 100 product descriptions and these proved to be a genuine challenge, mainly because I knew nothing about fish! Suffice it to say that I do now!

romsey product description


The Product Descriptions

I wrote several descriptions for products in the Kusuri range of fish foods and supplements. These included the description for Kusuri Growth pictured above. You can read the full copy here.  For each product that I tackled I wrote a full explanation of the features and benefits. This was followed by the ingredients and then bullet points highlighting the key attributes.

I am now an expert in nutrition for fish! Hopefully Romsey World of Water’s customers are too and will invest in large quantities of the food. I never buy anything online unless the product is accompanied by good images and a description which tells me everything I need to know. Life is too short to have to go hunting for information.

Good descriptions sell products!