I have often used flowery language but rarely the language of flowers!

All that changed when I was contracted to write the content for James Gillies’ new website. James is a multi-skilled and knowledgeable land manager with earth-friendly ideals. As I talked to him about his business and then researched the subjects at hand, I was surprised to discover just how much I didn’t know.

Wildflower meadows proved to be a particularly interesting subject. I am sorry to say that I had never given these features of the landscape a second thought, other than admiring many stunning alpine meadows when on my travels. To me, a wildflower meadow was a sea of pretty spring flowers bending in the breeze beneath lofty peaks. But I soon learnt that flower meadows were also a common feature of the British landscape until most were obliterated during and after World War II. The immediate need for food trumped any concerns over the loss of the flowers.

But it shouldn’t have done!

The Importance of Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows are vital for biodiversity and the terrible impact of losing the meadows has now become all too apparent.  Ironically, having been paid to plough up the meadows after the war, farmers are now being incentivised to restore them to the landscape via various stewardship schemes.

It would be fair to say that I learnt something new every day writing the content for www.james-gillies.com which made completing the project highly enjoyable. I found that I felt passionately about issues that I hadn’t even realised existed and I was keen to learn more. I am only sorry that I do not possess any land which could be transformed into a wonderful meadow. Neither do I own a tract of woodland or wetland which James would also be able to manage for me.

Content for James Gillies

Anyway, back to the writing project!

I created all of the content for the site and have since written several articles for the blog. Land management is a challenging occupation which involves tackling incredibly diverse projects. These have provided a busy life for James and plenty of subject matter for me to consider! The resulting website is informative, without blinding visitors with too much science. Hopefully it is also suitably inspiring.

James Gillies home page
James Gillies Home Page

If you are fortunate enough to own land, James could help you to make the most of it whilst also benefiting the environment. Both a consultant and a contractor, James is able to provide a raft of services to enhance your land.