Technical pieces are always interesting but present the greatest challenge to a writer.

I like a challenge and that is certainly what I am in for when I am asked to write content of a technical nature. Despite researching and writing about new subjects almost everyday, I have yet to become an expert on everything! This means that technical subjects demand particularly careful research and great attention to detail.

It is crucial that I write factually correct pieces as this type of copy is designed specifically to inform and advise not to voice an opinion. Most of the readers will be looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems and preferably explanations that they can understand. If they already possess expert knowledge then they wouldn’t be reading the content. They will not be the least bit interested in my opinion and they probably don’t want to hear any of my jokes.

Successful technical copy is about the diligent collation of the relevant facts and writing explanations that anyone can understand.

UK Windows

UK Windows offer an impressive range of replacement windows including styles suitable for period properties and buildings which are in conservation areas. I was asked to write a guide for their website which explained when a lintel may be required and the relevant regulations. I was fascinated and nervous in equal measure! I have never fitted a window or a lintel in my life. Before writing this piece my knowledge of lintels sadly only extended to knowing that they are reinforcements which are fitted above windows and doors. That neat one liner wouldn’t have made much of a guide!

I set about researching lintels, specifically in relation to replacement windows. As usual, I discovered that a site featuring all of the information I needed was nowhere to be seen. Most web content falls short of being comprehensive. I am usually forced to read a great many pages and even seek expert advice before I can produce a piece that is, well, comprehensive!

My next challenge was to ensure that I understood everything because if I am confused the inevitable consequence will be incomprehensible and inaccurate copy. This guide required references to building regulations, a subject about which I knew nothing. It took some time to collect together all the information, to interpret it and to evolve the right order in which to present it. However, I was pleased with the results.


You can read the page here

Many projects that people undertake involve tasks and issues which they have never tackled before. Visitors to your site will always appreciate information and guidance that they can understand. Good copy gives your site authority and inspires trust.