Whilst writing about vacuum cleaners and toilet roll holders can be somewhat less than exciting, there are product descriptions that I cannot wait to tackle. E Liquids certainly fall into that category. With their imaginative names and tasty sounding flavours there is much about them to inspire. But for me these products are primarily exciting because they helped me to quit smoking.

I had been smoking for decades. I could barely remember the good old days when I was able to breath properly. I had tried to quit, I really had. But the process made me so miserable that my habit, terrible though it was, seemed more appealing and so I inevitably started smoking again.

Then I bumped into an acquaintance who was the most hardened smoker that I had ever met and was shocked to find him puffing on a metal tube! He explained that the device was an electronic cigarette and that he had quit smoking without any major problems. I thought that I must have misheard him but it quickly became apparent that he had genuinely quit and was suffering no nasty withdrawal symptoms.

The Exciting New World of Vaping

I realised that I may have discovered my route to salvation. I immediately ordered an electronic cigarette and two weeks later, as I entered the airport to fly to America, I threw my cigarettes in the bin at the entrance to the terminal. I have never smoked again. Better still, I have never wanted to. Now I feel a desperate need to tell anyone who will listen that e cigarettes are nothing less than miraculous.

Vaping has become my favourite subject to write about.  Thankfully I have been given the opportunity to work on some very interesting content. I have recently had the privilege of creating product descriptions for tmbnotes.co. Not only has it been fun writing the copy but I have learnt a thing or two about the amazing range of e liquid flavours that I could indulge in. Until recently, I had only vaped tobacco flavours but I am now exploring more exciting options. In trying to write product descriptions which would generate interest in Tmbnotes’ e liquids I found that I had actually managed to sell them to myself!

Going Bananas

E Liquids provide all sorts of wonderful opportunities to get creative with copy. I can really have fun with the product descriptions and Tmbnotes’ range features many funky products, amusing product names and tasty sounding flavours which got my creative juices flowing. Who wouldn’t want to write about Bananas and Custard? Then there was the fiery sounding Lava Juice!

tmbnotes 1
Product Description For Lava Juice E Liquid

I was also drawn to the exotic sounding Cobra Juice.

Cobra Juice E Liquid
Cobra Juice E Liquid Product Description

Amazing E Liquids

If you are a vaper then check out the wonderful range of e liquids at tmbnotes.co if not then take a look at my product descriptions! If you are a smoker then quit! Now!