Some writing assignments are more interesting than others!

I recently wrote a few case studies for North Mill Stoves who supply and install beautiful wood burning stoves. They were looking to showcase a few of their recent projects and with good reason. Their knowledge and expertise were certainly impressive. The installations featured in the case studies were fabulous enough to get me thinking about a stove for my own home!

One of North Mill’s recent projects involved installing a wood burner in the home of a magazine editor. She was sufficiently impressed to want to include an article about North Mill Stoves and wood burners in general in her magazine, Oxfordshire Limited Edition. She asked North Mill Stoves to provide her with the information that she needed to complete the feature. They in turn contacted me to ask if I could write this up for them.

oxford limited edition

I am not a journalist but I decided to have a go at writing an article instead of just collating the relevant details. I have written a few pieces for minor publications and always enjoy the process. I was pretty pleased with the piece when it was finished and waited with eager anticipation to see if the editor would use it or write a completely new article. I knew that whatever happened, I wouldn’t be credited in the magazine. That didn’t stop me feeling extremely gratified when my piece was published pretty much word for word.

oxford limited edition article

I spend most of my professional life writing content for websites and marketing material.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy this work, but variety is the spice of life. I hope that I will have the chance to write more magazine articles in the future. Perhaps I missed my vocation and I should have been a journalist!