Writing the Tank Puffin about us page was definitely one of my favourite ever projects.

Tank Puffin was a newly opened electronic cigarette and vaping store in Essex. They were developing their first website and I was asked to write the copy for a holding page.  The content was later amended slightly to become the about us page.

This project was really exciting because Tank Puffin was a company with funky products and an emotional back story. The idea for the business had been inspired by the owner’s father. He had been a long term smoker who had suffered a heart attack and then finally managed to kick the habit using e-cigarettes. Father and daughter were determined to help others to quit the habit too.

My task was to write content which would explain the story behind the brand and encourage smokers to give vaping a go whilst reflecting the fun and funky nature of the products. I felt a great sense of responsibility in writing this page as this was a subject and a business that I felt passionate about. I was determined to nail this page if it was the last thing that I did!

screen shot tank puffin

Tank Puffin’s raison d’etre was very much to inspire healthier lifestyles and to create a better future. Their e-liquids and vaping equipment appropriately looked very futuristic. One of the principle ranges was called Space Jam and I thought that space travel would provide a great theme for the copy.

I couldn’t help thinking of the fabulous and famous saying “live long and prospect” from Star Trek.  I decided to take the opportunity to turn Tank Puffin’s story into a Star Trek mission. The original holding page signed off with those incredibly apposite words. The piece was later adapted but I think that the Star Trek theme still works well.

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