I love blogging! I particularly enjoy writing blog posts when the subject matter happens to be close to my heart.

As an enthusiastic vaper I am always delighted when I get the chance to write about e-cigarettes. After many failed attempts, I finally managed to give up smoking when I turned to vaping. I know there are literally millions of people who have had a similar experience.  People who have struggled for years to quit smoking and have then transformed their lives. So you can imagine my consternation regarding the EU’s repeated efforts to restrict the use of e-cigarettes.

Vapers face an uncertain future as the EU busies itself imposing restrictions on vaping devices and e-liquids. I understand that there is a degree of anxiety about children being attracted to vaping but I think that the attractions of alcohol represent a greater danger and the EU are not trying to restrict the sale of alcohol. I smell a hidden agenda!

As you can imagine, I was only too pleased to write a blog about the new EU legislation when I was approached recently by Simply eLiquids.

Simply eLiquids

Simply eLiquids offer a fantastic range of electronic cigarettes, atomizers and eliquids at great prices. I have had the privilege of writing much of the category level content on the Simply site together with several guides to the various aspects of vaping. I enjoyed writing every word of every piece but the blog post really rang my bell. It offered me the opportunity to express a few opinions whilst I laid out the facts about the new regulations.


Blog Post
Blog Post for Simply eLiquid

A Weight Off My Chest

I have to thank Simply eLiquids for the opportunity to write this piece. There are some things that I just have to get off my chest. A chest that is considerably healthier now because of electronic cigarettes. You can read the blog post here.