I Killed A Hamster!

Cute Hamster

I can find myself having to write about literally anything. That means that I am often faced with having to tackle subjects about which I know little or nothing. But I am always up for the challenge!

Recently I have been writing about rodents. I don’t have any pet rodents and the only critters in my house are generally the unfortunate mice that my cat hunts down. But they are usually dead by the time they make it onto my living room floor! I am currently researching hamsters but I can’t stop thinking about my only experience of looking after one of these small animals. It was a complete disaster!

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How to Help Your Copywriter to Help You

It might come as a surprise to hear that copywriters don’t usually posses psychic powers. Which is a shame because we could often do with them!

I want to achieve the best possible results for my clients but in order to be successful in that aim, I need information. All too often I am left staring at a brief which is a triumph of minimalism. I pray earnestly for the onset of clairvoyance but my prayers are never answered! I then ask a series of questions in order to elicit the information that I need and I may or may not get the answers. I write what I think is required and cross my fingers.

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