Jeans for Sitting Down? Whatever Next!

As a writer I know all about the problems of being confined to my desk.

I spend hours and hours every day locked to my keyboard and staring at my computer screen.

Writing is fabulous work for the incurably lazy. Unfortunately I am not lazy so I need to inject some action into my working day and lack of exercise isn’t the only problem that I face.

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Product Descriptions

I hate shopping! My aversion to spending my days in the malls leads me to purchase virtually everything I need online. Not to mention quite a few things that I don’t need at all!

I love the fact that I can view virtually every available product rather than just the ones my local shops choose to stock. I revel in price comparisons and I am eternally grateful that I can avoid the inevitable fight for a parking space in town.

Unfortunately I really hate some retailers’ product descriptions!

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