When My Eyes Light Up

I spend a great deal of time writing about products and services in which I have no interest. This predicament goes with the territory and the work can certainly still be enjoyable. But there is nothing like being handed a writing project and then discovering something really exciting.

Copywriting Can Get Expensive

From time to time I stumble across products and ideas that make me sit up take notice. I love writing about them and sometimes I even buy them! I get paid to write about them and then hand the cash straight back again! Such is life.

No matter how much time I waste sitting in front of my screen searching away, the perfect item of clothing or piece of furniture can remain stubbornly elusive. I have a clear vision of what I am looking for only to be faced with the fact that nobody makes it or at least nobody that I have yet managed to find.

The Wow Factor

So you can imagine my delight when I look at a client’s site to discover that they have exactly what I am looking for or at least something which makes me think wow!

I had such a moment of revelation when I was searching for a ski jacket which I liked and which had an acceptable price tag. I had found plenty of jackets that I admired and many jackets that were cheap but precisely no styles which ticked both boxes. Then I was asked to write some content for a ski shop. I took a quick look through their range and there it was! The perfect jacket at the right price.

Last week it was a bath tub that piqued my interest. Not that I need one, but hey!

I was asked to write a blog for a bathroom retailer about a particular bath. This did not sound like an especially riveting task but then I saw the bath in question I had a wow moment!

A Sparkling Idea

I have always been a succour for anything sparkly. I love glitter and metallic elements and I adore gold and copper features. I had never expected to find a gold or copper bath, at least not one that didn’t look ridiculous. In my experience baths are white unless they are 1980’s nightmares in avocado. But the bath in question is magnificent. The Heritage Holywell bath is a genuine triumph but sadly one which would not fit in my modest bathroom. Mental note made, though. If I ever acquire a large bathroom then that bath is going in it.

heritage holywell freestanding bath

I should add that is so expensive that I nearly fell off my chair. I am going to have to do a lot of writing! I really must stick to writing about budget ranges!

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