Moving, Madness and Mobiles

House Keyring

Gosh! It has been ages since I have contributed to my own blog. Mainly because I have been writing so many posts for other people! But my impending move hasn’t helped.

I am attempting to move house at the moment. I say attempting because I have been trying to move for over a year. The first house that I tried to buy fell through and so I have been forced to endure the miserable, drawn out process all over again.

Failure to Move

My working life has been constantly disrupted by days off to search for a property and the many hours I have spent completing the ridiculous amount of paperwork involved. Finding the new house was fun. The rest of the process has been infuriating. Last week I had the joyous task of reading 130 pages of flood risk assessments, land contamination reports and various other documents that were issued as a result of the searches. I read everything diligently only to discover that there wasn’t a single useful piece of information to be found.

I have spent the last few days chasing up the only outstanding document that I need to get my hands on and then trying to get all parties involved to agree a moving date.

We all want to move on different dates!

There still doesn’t seem to be so much as a tiny chink of light at the end of what has proved to be a very long tunnel.

All I want to do is get on with my work!

Sold Out By My Insurance Company 

To make matters worse, I am being inundated with an ever increasing number of nuisance calls on by mobile. I was going to say that I can’t imagine why I am being hounded to such an extent but that would be what is commonly known as a lie! The truth is that I am receiving a barrage of calls because a complete git at my insurance company sold my personal details.  Evidently he sold them to every ambulance chasing and PPI exploiting bunch of ********* in the entire country.

In case you were wondering what insurance company that might be, it was AVIVA.

I have spent many hours pursuing them for compensation and finally succeeded in obtaining a payment last month. Selling my details wasn’t the only atrocity that they visited on me. They also screwed up a claim. The only claim that I ever made. You have probably guessed, as I am still writing, that the amount of compensation I received wasn’t enough to fund my retirement.

It wasn’t enough to fund my new phone!

Mobile Mayhem

My old phone died last week. It was clearly as sick of all those calls as I was and simply decided to quit!

The new phone is fantastic but I am mourning the loss of my old model because I had set up a truly epic list of blocked numbers which I will now have to build again if I am to have any peace.

By the time I have sorted out the phone I should have exchanged contracts on the house and then I will be faced with enduring the hassle of preparing to move. Yuk!

Black Friday

There is so much to do!

The vendor of the property I am buying is allegedly supplying the outstanding document on Friday which just happens to be Black Friday. It will be a very dark day indeed if that document doesn’t arrive. At least for him!

Once contracts have been exchanged, if they ever are, I will be forced to go into overdrive, arranging the move and packing. I need to book the removal company, sort out handing over the keys of my current house and pack up my entire life. Surprisingly, the most awkward aspect of the move to deal with is my broadband service. I work from home so I am royally buggered without broadband.

It took NASA three days to get its astronauts from Earth to the Moon in spite of the fact that their spacecraft had less computing power than today’s smartphones. But it takes broadband suppliers up to three weeks to activate their service after you have opened an account. I spoke to BT (terrible), SKY (worse) and Zen (very helpful and answered my call before my phone battery died) and they all said it would take two to three weeks.

If I am out of action for a few days it won’t be because I have committed suicide as a result of the nuisance calls. It will be because I have no bloody broadband!



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