Writer’s Block

From a purely selfish point of view I am hoping that you are considering using the services of a copywriter.  If you are intending to write some copy yourself then there is a high chance that you will eventually suffer from the hideous paralysis that is better known as writer’s block.

This debilitating condition is characterised by the sudden inability to decide on the appropriate subject matter or to summon the right words to describe it. Common symptoms include a racing heart, sweaty palms and feelings of inadequacy. Before you reach for the beta blockers in anticipation of the onset of this condition, think again. There are some useful techniques that will relieve the stressful blockage and help you to rediscover your creative mojo.

Take a Break!

Believe me, I know exactly how hard it is to walk away from your keyboard. Especially when you have a deadline looming or a new range that you need to tell the world about immediately. But walk away you must.

The simple act of diverting your attention for a few minutes can really work a treat. You know how some of the best ideas come to you when you are in the bath? It’s the same phenomenon.  When you stop trying to focus, the solution to your problem can become so much clearer.

Sometimes you need to declutter your mind in order to free up the space for new ideas to develop. When you feel an attack of writer’s block about to descend it is time to make a cup of tea, to take a shower or to feed the cat.

My cat is extremely fat!

It’s Good to Talk

If you have reached an impasse then talk to someone. Anyone will do! Sometimes just discussing the issue at hand can bring enlightenment. You may experience a lightbulb moment or the person you are talking to just might come up with a stellar idea. If not then at least you have had a nice break!

Even To Yourself

Sometimes the perfect words just won’t present themselves or what you have written seems awkward and clunky. When this happens it can be useful to talk to yourself! Try to avoid a chat about the weather or the obesity epidemic in cats and stick to the task at hand.

Simply verbalise your thoughts as if you are addressing your reader and you might find that your words flow more freely. When you hit on a winning formula write it down immediately!

But Not Too Much

Whether you are talking to someone else or chatting to yourself, don’t talk for too long. If an inspirational idea or a beautiful passage of words pops into your head, stop talking and start writing before you forget what you wanted to say.

Miracle Cure

Writer’s block doesn’t have to be terminal. There are severable possible cures and you may discover your own unique treatment. Always remember that writer’s block happens to everyone.

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