Is Mr Tickle Gay?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Mr Tickle this week.

Not because I have a strange fetish for Mr Men, although that would make for a very interesting article!

My fleeting obsession was the result of a strange coincidence. A few weeks ago I bumped into Mr Tickle on the South Bank In London. Well, it was a man in a suit but you know what I mean!

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When My Eyes Light Up

I spend a great deal of time writing about products and services in which I have no interest. This predicament goes with the territory and the work can certainly still be enjoyable. But there is nothing like being handed a writing project and then discovering something really exciting.

Copywriting Can Get Expensive

From time to time I stumble across products and ideas that make me sit up take notice. I love writing about them and sometimes I even buy them! I get paid to write about them and then hand the cash straight back again! Such is life.

No matter how much time I waste sitting in front of my screen searching away, the perfect item of clothing or piece of furniture can remain stubbornly elusive. I have a clear vision of what I am looking for only to be faced with the fact that nobody makes it or at least nobody that I have yet managed to find.

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