The Holiday Blues

I think that I am suffering from a classic case of the holiday blues.

Actually that is a stupid expression because there was nothing blue about my recent holiday. It was more white (snow) with hints of vibrant yellow (too much limoncello). What I really meant to say was that I have been suffering from the post holiday blues. That sinking feeling you get when the fun is over and you realise that your workload hasn’t gone away. It has just grown exponentially. Mainly because you had the audacity to bugger off for a few days and your clients didn’t!

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Jeans for Sitting Down? Whatever Next!

As a writer I know all about the problems of being confined to my desk.

I spend hours and hours every day locked to my keyboard and staring at my computer screen.

Writing is fabulous work for the incurably lazy. Unfortunately I am not lazy so I need to inject some action into my working day and lack of exercise isn’t the only problem that I face.

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