All Juiced Up

There are some product descriptions which are simply a joy to write.

I literally race to my keyboard when I am presented with products that I really believe in.

My copywriting life is even more joyous when the subject at a hand lends itself to creativity and a little humour.

There is nothing that gets my creative juices flowing more than, well, juice!

Vaping and E-Liquids

I could write a book about my efforts to give up smoking and it would rival War and Peace.  At least for length. My writing skills are never going to rival Tolstoy’s!

Epic fail is the phrase that springs to mind but then I discovered electronic cigarettes. Not only have I never smoked again. I actually haven’t wanted to. Vaping changed my life and writing about it is enough to make any day a good day.

I have written many product descriptions for the fabulous team at Tekcig. But it has been their e-liquids, known as juices in the vaping world, which have proved to be utterly engrossing. Vaping is cool but the e-liquids are sub zero. Offering unlimited opportunities for humour, puns, innuendo and as many adjectives as I can muster, these are products that always inspire the right words.

I do believe that my favourite e-liquid from a writer’s perspective is Dessert Ship. There is something inherently amusing about camels. God knows why! I couldn’t resist adding the strap line “The tobacco e-liquid that will never give you the hump”. No juice is ever likely to give me the hump whether I am vaping it or describing it.

tekcig screenshot

After several days of attempting to make waste bins, brooms and a variety of hideous ornaments sound appealing, e-liquids provide much needed relief. As does working for the guys at Tekcig who are always kind enough to furnish me with a detailed brief and lightening quick payments. Much as I enjoy writing about vape juice, it is quite nice to get paid for my efforts!

Talking of which I had better get back to work. Otherwise I am going to be very poor. I haven’t yet found a client who is happy to pay me for doing nothing or indeed writing about myself. Shame!

A Good Day for Bad News?

No matter. My next task is more product descriptions for Tekcig. After that things are going to get a great deal harder. I need to craft a letter for another client. In this missive I must attempt to justify an enormous price increase. Methinks I will have to choose my words carefully. The client might also like to think about when to send this communication.

What is it they say about good days to bury bad news?


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